Games are like movie productions these days, so when a title such as G.o. Jump harks back to "the good ole days" and focuses on simple yet addicitive gameplay in a bold-coloured, single-screen environment it's a breath of fresh air. Inhale it, go on.


We'll be honest: the irksome punctuation in G.o. Jump's title grinds our gears - as we're sure that very expression will equally frustrate many readers - but all is forgiven when playing this simple yet fun game. It's not about grammar, it's about simple mechanics and point-scoring.

There's no star character to speak of - well, not unless a ball could be considered as such. See, we told you it was simple. While emotional attachment is nigh on impossible with this functional sprite, there's plenty of fun to be had: use your Apple device to tilt left and right for movement, while a tap to the screen results in the ball leaping into the air.

Hazardous shapes fall from the top of the screen which you'll need to avoid. Each one that's avoided scores one point.

But there's a sting in the tail of many of these colourful shapes: they split and run along the base of the screen. Here you'll need to bop them on their heads - Mario-style - to score extra points and even combos if you can multiply bouncing from one to another.

Power-ups also appear from time to time: there's growth which turns you into an invincible steam-roller of a ball; hover which makes those jumps like zero gravity leaps; and blast which adds aim and fire antics to events. Sometimes power-ups are of use, other times they can make a tricky situation all the worse.

That's just about it. Simple though it sounds, you'll soon be seeing how many point multipliers you can gather and, with each level-up, how long you'll be able to last out against the onslaught of shapes that spill from the top of the screen like multi-coloured rain.

Simple yet effective fun that's well worth the free download.