With more than 775,000 apps now available on the iTunes App Store, it can be a challenge to weed out the best ones. While we at Pocket-lint want to provide a regular selection of app suggestions to keep you going, it turns out there's even an app for that.

Enter AppHero, a personalised app recommendation system, which wants to step in and give you solid app recommendations.



AppHero isn't just providing a shot in of the dark list of recommendations. Instead, the app looks at a user's interests to provide a custom tailored list of applications that they may find useful. Upon launching the app a user is required to sign-up with an account, ideally over Facebook or Twitter, but it can just be via email. 

Using the open data provided by Facebook or Twitter, the AppHero looks at profile data, interests, likes, pages, and more to provide personal app recommendations. It also looks at the apps already pre-loaded on a users' iOS device. 

Past personal recommendations, AppHero goes a step further by providing users with a list of apps on sale and categories such as personal finance, photography, popular apps, productivity and more. When first starting the app, you're required to pick a few of these.

AppHero's homescreen forms from the list a user has chosen. There they can go into specific categories in search of apps. When an app is clicked on, its iTunes information appears within the app to provide pricing, screenshots, and general functionality information.

There is also the social aspect of AppHero that allows users to invite friends to see what app they have downloaded. The social feature goes a step further with a recommend, have it, and not interested button on the app's page. When a users go to buy an app, they're launched into Apple's App Store to complete the transaction. 

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The App Store's top charts are often stagnant. We think this is where AppHero really shines, shaking things up with new recommendations that you may not find elsewhere.

The recommendations aren't always the newest apps to the App Store, they're just simply built off your social data. Given our media-esque jobs, we were given recommendations for several productivity, reading, and social media apps. We found the recommendations to be useful in most cases. And hey, if you don't like a recommendation, you can thumb it down. 

AppHero's future looks bright. Jordan Satok and his team raised $1.8 million for continued advancements. So if you're in the mood for some new apps on your iPhone or iPad this is worth downloading.