Normally we wouldn't really consider an app like Artfinder for App of the Day, simply because it involves so much shopping. Artfinder gets itself a free pass simply because it is so well designed and offers such a great way to discover and learn about new art, even if you don't buy any of it.

Promising weekly art updates, video interviews and a great-looking UI, Artfinder could mark a big change in the way you browse and learn about art, as well as buy, if you fancy it.



What Artfinder does is present you with a cleverly crafted, Flipboard-style magazine with which you can browse new and exciting art. You get an artwork of the day to glance upon and learn about, and of course the ability to browse and purchase various works.

Artists give interviews, followed by a selection of their pieces. You can then favourite these artists and share the work through various social networks as well as open things in Safari and Chrome if you have the app installed.

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Prints and originals all seem to be priced at around £300 and often come with signatures from the artists. What you can't be sure of is if any of the pieces will retain any of their value, or if they will lose it altogether. The app behaves as a good selling platform for up and coming artists, but if you feel like investing in works, you might be better looking elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you just fancy something enjoyable to hang on the wall, then Artfinder could be the way to do it. Who knows, you might even learn something along the way.