Ghostbusters is the latest in a series of decent free to play apps. First there was The Simpsons: Tapped Out, then Jurassic Park Builder and now this. 

The game tasks you with keeping the Ghostbusters business ticking over. You need to go out, capture ghosts, do jobs and make money. So how does it play?



The idea behind the Ghostbusters app is that you are in charge of all the ghost-hunting activities of one city. You manage staff, take on jobs and do everything you can to keep the number of ghosts getting up to no good down to a minimum.

The management side of things involves recruiting new 'busters, upgrading the ones you currently have and researching, as well as keeping track of all the ghosts you have trapped. It is simple yet full-featured enough to keep you engaged. 

As well as micro managing, you need to go out and do jobs. There are long-running jobs which require you to knock down walls with varying amounts of slime gathered from ghosts. These jobs eventually yield the best items

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The smaller ghostbusting duties usually consist of a small skirmish where you pick up slime to spend. The battles themselves involve moving your busters around and using each strength to capture ghosts. You drag a finger to fire your stream at them from each character, or use ranged attacks from others to wear down the ghosts. Ultimately, it all leads to a point where you capture them. 

In-app purchases come into play when you want to unlock more upgrades and parts of the long missions in the game. They can be unlocked conventionally by doing smaller jobs and gameplay is fun enough that you can stick at the app and still enjoy yourself without needing to spend any cash.