Rise of the Blobs is a little bit like Fruit Ninja meets Tetris. The story is a little confusing, in that somehow some blobs have arrived on earth and are threatening to kill us all us unless we cover them in fruit and make them explode.

Rise of the Blobs

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Like all the best games, the first thing you think when you play Rise of the Blobs is: "This is SO easy, a baby could play this." That's a thought you retract when it soon becomes clear just how hard it can quickly become. 

Like Tetris, the idea is ridiculously straightforward. Plop some things of one colour on top of things another colour. They will then get encased in jelly, and you'll be able to pop them. Is it jelly? We have no idea, we think it mentions it at the start of the game, but it makes no sense anyway, so it's best to just go with the flow.

What we really like is the speed and responsiveness. The turret turns quickly, and the whole thing looks really nice, and plays smoothly. This is good, especially for a freemium game. And yes, there is some commerce here too. If you find you don't have the skill to unlock levels, it's possible to pay to get access. You can also buy items that will help you with the game, or give you an advantage.

As you progress, there are different kinds of games. You can play timed missions and the difficulty increases substantially, as you would expect. There are rewards to unlock that will either give you new functionality or help you play the game. But we suspect completing it will be damn near impossible without buying some sort of in-game help.

Still, free is always worth having, we tend to move on to the next game long before we've got to an impossible part of the first. So we reckon there's some quality fun to be had out of Rise of the Blobs.