There are umpteen photography apps out there, but Krop Circle carves its way through the masses with great design and by being ultra-easy to use. It's a simple concept: open the app for a circular crop overlay, then snap away and shots will have a circular form with a white-bordered surround.

Krop Circle

iPhone only
£Free ($0.69 for aditional Krop masks)

We reckon Krop Circle will appeal to the design conscious- not that you need to be a designer. As a circular crop is a wholly different format compared to a usual rectangular photograph, we find the resulting shots somewhere between graphic objects and photographs; they take on a different aesthetic.

From within the app it's possible to turn the flash on or off and share your "Krops" directly with Facebook and Twitter should you want to.

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It's also possible to open existing images within the app and crop them to your heart's content. Pinch to scale and click and drag to move the original photo around the crop aperture's overlay.

But the best thing about Krop Circle is its expansion pack. You'll have to part with the pennies for this one, but it opens up a variety of "masks" which include not only a variety of shapes, but also letters, crossed axes, skulls. You could even reimagine your own version of The XX's album cover, should you fancy it.

Like we say, Krop Circle is super simple, but it's effective and fun. Good stuff.