It’s the January Transfer Window and all those who love football have their eyes glued to the wires to see if they’ve just picked up the latest wunderkind or a belated Christmas pudding. If that sounds like you (not the pudding) and you happen to be a Tottenham Hotspur fan, then you’re luck’s in today with the launch of an iPad and iPhone app for one of the club’s top independent fan websites.

The Spurs Web

iPhone & iPad



The Spurs Web app is pretty much what you’d expect of a fan site app in this day and age. All the food groups are clearly represented. There’s a news section with all the news posts written on the site, there are match reports, activity from The Spurs Web Twitter feed, a video section for all press conference and club material and, probably best of all, the forum section.

If that sounds like quite standard fare, well, that’s because it is. The look and feel is clean apart from a banner ad at the bottom. If anything, it’s a little too sparse on the iPad screen but the presentation is perfect on the iPhone.

What’s particularly good about The Spurs Web app is that the site and developers have actually put some effort into it. Click on the stories and it takes you to a probably rendered iOS version of the text rather than acting as a link to a page in the browser. What’s most fun though is using the forum, which really lends itself to the casual swipes and flicks of the iPad.

The Spurs Web app is short of some sex appeal but it’s the core of a very worthy piece of mobile software.