Zombies are everywhere at the moment. You can't go five minutes without coming across the undead in some shape or form. Thankfully, for the most part these zombies are good. In the case of I Hate Zombies on the iPhone, very good indeed.

Looking worryingly similar to our much-loved Earn To Die, this is an app with a far different gameplay style from what you might expect. The driving is still there, except this time round the action is even more over the top.

I Hate Zombies


The app asks you to drive a vehicle as far as you can, Jetpack Joyride style, across a never-ending environment littered with zombies. All you need do is smash all you can along the way and pick up coins.

Get enough coins and you can spend these on one of three upgrades to help in your zombie-bashing endeavours. However, each upgrade will run out, making it necessary to go back and get more coins in order to get on a proper high-score roll again. Vehicles cost the most coins and the later versions perform far better than those available at the start. 

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As for gameplay, there's no accelerate or brake here. You simply tilt your touch device to send the vehicle's centre of gravity left or right. Think of it a bit like a very fast zombie-filled Trials HD. Get the balance right and you'll start to pick up speed, helped along by the possibility of gaining boosts from every good landing.

There is also the option to spin a Wheel-of-Fortune-type wheel each day to acquire bonus coins, which can be particularly handy in improving your zombie-killing skills - especially if you hit the jackpot.

This app is simple, zombie-smashing fun for all and - as it's free - it's a tough one to turn down.