Have you always dreamed the dream of equine husbandry? Do you or any members of your close family stomp their foot and demand a pony? Have you ever wanted to say, "Yesterday, I was feeling a little horse," and not mean that your throat was sore and raspy. “Yes,” you say? Well read on.

My Horse

iOS and Android


iTunes / Google Play

You’ve always wanted to own a horse but never had the cash nor the space? My Horse is the app for you. Not only is it free but the experience is so small that it will even fit in your pocket.

The premiss of the game is simple. It’s a horse sim. It’s about owning, looking after, training and competing on a horse. You can groom it, muck out the stables, feed it sugar lumps, make it take jumps, take pictures of it and basically everything that a would-be horse-owner might be looking for.

Graphically and storage-wise it’s a bit of a heavy load for some phones to bear and it did crash quite a few times but when you’re in full flow it’s as if you can feel the wind in your hair and smell the dung of the stables. You can’t of course. It’s just a game

Instead, My Horse takes you through a rollercoaster tour of all the features, bars and panels you need to monitor to make the most of your experience. There are far too many to remember but, fortunately, we haven’t accidentally killed our horse yet, so no worries.

You can take the game as far as you want. You can shoot for the international stars, spending a fortune in in-app payments on the way, or simple try it out, feed the horse, take some pictures and keep the happy memories for when you delete My Horse for iGuineaPig or some other animal-based app title.