Windows Phone 8 has a clever tweak in that it updates its lock screen using different images from Bing every day. It keeps your phone feeling fresh every time you take it out of your pocket.

The idea behind Photostream is to take things one further and uses a number of different sources to keep your lock screen feeling fresh. So how does it work?


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All you need do with Photostream is pick out a favourite Flickr user or use your own account. Once you have chosen, the app will then start to pull in content from the relevant user and then update your lock screen at specific intervals going from every half an hour to every day.

You can also set the app to update the screen only over Wi-Fi saving on data and battery if it's an issue. On top of Flickr, the app will also source pictures from your local photos and change them up at the same intervals.

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The application also works along with 500px, a photo-sharing service. The app can pull things such as the most popular images as well as editor's choice, upcoming pics and items freshly uploaded that day or week.

A simple app that does a great job making Windows Phone 8 feel even more personalised than it already is.