We’re getting into the Christmas spirit today on App of the Day on Pocket-lint. If you’ve got children and any kind of iDevice then read on and have your downloading fingers at the ready.

Magic Jar

iPhone & iPad

There are two types of parent when it comes to Christmas time - probably because there’s two types of children. There are the parents who choose to use Christmas as a moment of charity, a special family day and a treasured occasion, and then there are the parents who prefer it as an excuse a for a bribe or threat to hang over their young ones until the 25th arrives. If you’re not good, then Father Christmas won’t bring you any presents.

Magic Jar is a tool for the latter of these parental groups which manages to tap into the same system only in a slightly less sinister manner - to say it’s any less divisive though, just wouldn’t be true.

There are two sides to the app. One is for the parent. You create a magic jar for each of your children. These jars sit on Father Christmas’s shelf in Lapland and, every time its owner does something good, they fill up with a bit more magic. Presumably, the contents may also diminish if bad deeds are done.

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Naturally, as the parent, you can decide how much magic is in it at any given moment as well as choose the colour tmagic is going to appear in and you can put your kids’ names on the outside. They then watch it fill up until they've been good enough.

On the front (children’s) end, your wee ones can press on their names on the menu screen and get whisked away in a short cut scene that zooms into the house in Lapland to check how full their jar is.

There’s not really much more to it other than some well-produced graphics and a nice music, which is why it’s a bit of a con that the developer is charging 69p. Nonetheless, if you think this approach will work with your kids, then it’s 69p well spent.