The app space has given itself over to the whacky, weird, but often very funny games. There's plenty of opportunity for developers to come up with the downright absurd and still be entertaining.

That’s the box we'd put today's app into. It's bizarre, simple, and strangely addictive. If you think the name is weird, just wait till you play the game.

Mr. Eyes

Google Play

Mr Eyes is a basketball-loving critter. But this isn't just any old hoop-shooting game, because Mr Eyes, as his name suggests, pings his solitary eye out to score points.

The aim of the game is to get the eye into the target basket, but it's a little more complicated than just pointing it in the right direction. Moving platforms, a moving basket and all manner of other things make it more complicated. 

Tilting the phone will move Mr Eyes from side to side, so you'll be able to bounce his eye off the sides of other game furniture to the eye into the basket. 

But he only has one eye … doesn't the game end rather quickly? No, because there are other eyes rolling around on the floor. Once you've fired out an eye, you can scuttle across and pick up another to have another shot. 

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Ultimately you want to get as many eyes as possible into the basket before the time runs out, thereby scoring as many points as you can.

Graphically it’s a quirky looking game. You can change the clothes Mr Eyes is wearing if you want to add a little variety, but this is a game that's really about keeping it simple. 

The soundtrack adds to the craziness, described by the developer as "delirious".  It certainly is pretty manic too, rounding out a game that's fun and addictive, but a slightly odd experience.

There are two versions of Mr. Eyes, the Lite (free) version, or the full £0.72 game, which gives you 60 levels. The levels get difficult quickly and you'll have to think about how you tackle each one to make progress.

Try the Lite version for a taster and if you see what you like, then there's plenty more for a few of your pennies.