The Dark Knight Rises should by now be happily spinning in the Blu-ray players of Batman fans the world over. Fire up the disc and you might spot that there is a second screen option.

This isn't anything hugely new for the world of Blu-ray, as we discovered for Sherlock Holmes. But when it comes to TDKR, things are just that little bit more awesome. 

You will need a Blu-ray player that can connect to the internet in order to get the most out of the disc. Connect both your player and your iPad to the same network and the two will sync. While the movie goes on, your iPad acts like a second screen, offering information such as quotes, pictures and trivia. 

If you want to look at something on your iPad for longer, while the movie keeps playing, all you need do is just touch the screen. You are then given the option to either sync the tablet back up with the movie once you are done, or sync the movie back to the tablet.

Some of the quotes, like the one from Nolan right at the start, are interesting enough. What we like is the inclusion of Retina display resolution pics from the movie. They look great and can make for a decent background if you screenshot them from the app.

On top of this you get some clever camera-orientated parts within the app. You can record video, for example, and have a 3D animation of the Tumbler drive straight through it. Alternatively, you can snap a still and put yourself in the Tumbler, or in the movie's "Rise" poster.

Part of the app goes for a bit of augmented reality, letting you place a 3D model of various bits from the movie onto your face. You can go for Bane's mask, Catwoman's ears or opt to look like Batman. It actually works really well and adds a bit of fun to the movie experience.

As free apps go, this is  polished. For those who want to know everything there is about the new Batman movie, it's all there to enjoy. Shame it can't make us look like Bane: might make for a good alternative to multiple gym trips.