Talk about pedigree, KnightScape is the app equivalent of a Grand National winner. The app has been put together by a new games studio co-founded by Laurent Ancessi of EA and Naughty Dog fame.

Ancessi worked on the likes of Uncharted and Need for Speed and has now turned his hands to the world of the app. Has it worked? Has that development magic brushed off on KnightScape? Read on to find out. 


Knightscape is a bit of a two-parter. It combines apps like Infinity Blade and Temple Run to give you the best of both worlds. You get the addictive simple run-and-dodge gameplay of one and the complex sword fighting of the other.

The game features a cartoon art style that is different from most other apps. At times, the graphics look really impressive, especially when the art style works. At other points, they look terrible - it's a bit of a mixed bag really.

As for gameplay, KnightScape has it nailed. The running element of the app asks you to swipe left and right and in different directions to keep your character out of trouble. Simple and fun.

The fighting part is interspersed between running sections and asks you either to defend or slash at enemies using either a shield, horizontal or vertical sword swing. It is simplistic, but adds enough variety to the running that it breaks up the pace of the app.

KnightScape clearly draws on a lot of other app influences. It doesn't quite handle each element as well as Infinity Blade or Temple Run might, but combing the two makes for an addictive experience all the same. The best bit though is that it is free to download right now.