Utter the words stop motion animation and the likes of Morph and Wallace and Gromit should instantly spring to mind. The process has been gracing our television sets for years, but what about our mobile phones? 

Zynga's new app ClayJam looks unlike any we have played before. Using more than 2,000 photographs, the app developer has created an interactive stop motion experience.

iOS and Android

At its core, ClayJam is like most of Zynga's games, in that it is extremely simple yet highly addictive. It essentially asks you to roll a clay ball down a hill, squashing items as you go and gradually getting bigger. It isn't unlike the Katamari series of games, if you've ever played them on consoles.

The difference is that you don't control the ball itself, rather the clay in front of it. You drag lines in the clay with your finger for the ball to run down. At the very end of each level you flick the ball as hard as you can, knocking one of the game's characters as far as you can.

They will travel further, depending on the size of your ball and the amount you flick. All that distance is then calculated into power plays, which you can use in your next attempt to earn bonuses while your clay ball is rolling.

It's a really simple mechanic, but works very well. This is clearly an app aimed at young ones and its art style reflects this. There is the option to purchase in-game characters and power plays using real money, but it isn't necessary.

As a free download, ClayJam is simple and addictive. Hand any iPhone with it loaded up to a little one and you should get an hour or two of piece and quiet.