The smartphone really has become the hub of our social lives. Everything from Facebook conversations to photos are posted and shared on the device. But what about going out? There are a lot of apps out there that promise to keep you posted, but most overload you with options.

YPlan hopes to do it differently, by coming up with a short and sharp list of what is going on in your city. The lists are curated, ensuring that you only see things worth going to. But does it work?


In all honesty, relying on an app to tells us where to go out isn't something we are hugely fond of. Previous experience with things like TripAdvisor on holiday prove that just because someone enjoys something, it doesn't mean it will be to your taste.

YPlan has made a really concerted effort to work around this issue. Instead the short list of events comprises only the best things that are going on in London on any particular evening. It is all about spontaneity, but the knowledge that the yPlan guys have checked things out beforehand mean chances are it will be good.

Listed this evening, for example, is a screening of the movie Ted in London Bridge, as well as a group experience called HintHunt in Camden. Then there is a list for tomorrow which includes the Snowman and a night with the QI founders. It all feels different and exciting, rather than the usual shotgun approach of other apps. Sure there is a massive risk, but from the events we have seen listed, YPlan appears trust worthy.

The app also includes a booking system that nets you a few deals: take the QI nigh,t for example, you can book tickets and get some free wine while saving £2 on the normal price. Tickets are then stored in the app for you to check later.

Finally, the option to add tickets to the calendar is a nice touch, completing the fairly robust going out package that the app has on offer. In theory then, it does work and the curation element removes most of the issues had with app-based nights out. Not everything can be a hit,  but yPlan just might make the mark more often than others.