The iPhone has plenty of productivity apps but few are as simple, straightforward and easy to use as Clear. For us, it betters even the built-in Apple applications that come with the phone.

Why exactly? Because this app keeps things so incredibly simple. Check the app regularly, and it ensures you won't forget things. It does what it says on the tin.

iPad, iPhone (version tested), iPod touch

When you first open up Clear, there's a set of instructions to explain exactly how the application works. Short of creating lists and filling in entries, there isn't too much more to it. What is clever is the thinking that has gone into its design and UI.

Lists are divided into navigation levels, with a menu on top, lists below and then items within each list. You can drag and drop items to arrange them in order of priority. 

A recent update to the app also brought in iCloud back-up, so it now really does rival the native iOS apps. Simple and well, clear, this is a very handy app to have on your iPhone and a day-one download for new smartphone users.