We would like to think, given that we remain a fairly young crowd at Pocket-lint, that our memory isn't completely gone. iCueda however has proved us wrong.

Here is a fiendishly difficult app, which asks you to do something as simple as copy patterns briefly flashed on screen, using a series of coloured 3D blocks. It sounds easy, right? It isn't.

iCueda v2


iCueda works very simply. You are shown an image for around five seconds. You then have to remember this image and reproduce it using varying numbers of coloured blocks, depending on difficulty. The problem is, all the time you are busy playing about with the blocks, your brain is forgetting the original image. The app was developed in consultation with a clinical psychologist, and we wonder how exactly they would view our skills with the app.

Rather shamefully, we couldn't even handle the first level of this app on beginner settings. We did eventually conquer it, only to go on a smile-inducing winning streak. We then hit the brick wall that is intermediate difficulty. Getting started on the harder difficulty was nigh on impossible, although after a while your brain does start to think in the iCueda way.

app of the day icueda v2 review image 1

The reward comes when you manage to solve a puzzle, however simple, because of the time it takes to get some of them right. The app then ranks you based on time and gives you a score in stars, raising the incentive to come back and play some more, just to get that high score.

Simple and addictive, while hopefully helping to bring your brain up to speed, iCueda comes highly recommended.