Spider: The secret of Bryce Manor, gets back to basics. It reminds us what made apps so great in the first place, giving you a simple pick up and play game that you can enjoy for five minutes or for an hour.

It is also free right now on the App Store, which makes it a bit of a no-brainer to download. Still, if you are the sort who likes to protect space on their iPad, then read on to find out why you should download.

Spider: The secret of Bryce Manor


So how does it work? Very simply really. You play a spider, who can either jump or crawl across terrain. He can also fix himself to the environment and then jump to another part of it, trailing a web behind. Make up a geometric shape and you will have constructed a web.

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The game tasks you with catching flies and other insects on your web to stay alive. You can run out of silk, should you not manage to make a web in few enough jumps and moves. This ends the game. Each screen is like a small level you can zoom in and out on.

That really is pretty much all the game asks of you. But in its simplicity lies its brilliance. Levels become increasingly difficult to negotiate and are inhabited by larger numbers of insects. The game has a mystery storyline to keep driving you on, should its core gameplay be enough, but personally we found just plugging away as the spider more than entertaining enough.

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Special mention needs to be given to the game's soundtrack and art design. It looks and sounds great, with storybook-style drawings and a sort of edgy ambient audio set-up, it's a feast for the eyes and ears. We say go for the HD version and stick it on your iPad or iPad mini: play's a touch better when you can see the spider on the bigger screen.