Today, App of the Day on Pocket-lint goes under a different name. Today it’s Band of the Day. Why? Well, because that’s the name of the app that we’re reviewing. Welcome one and all, to Band of the Day.


Band of the Day is website that’s got itself together into both smartphone and tablet forms to bring a little mobile love to iOS devices everywhere. Sorry peeps, no Android version at the moment.

The service, if you’ve never used it before, is a simple enough premise. It’s a music discovery system packaged up into an alternative and entirely uniquely useful way. Rather than getting lost in Led Zeppelin radio, listening to the tracks you don’t actually want to hear by artists who you know anyway, Band of the Day presents just one band each day for the punters to try out. You get free access to stream a bunch of that artist’s tracks, and previews of some others, as well as - if anything - rather too much info on the artist themselves.

To be fair, that information is presented somewhat beautifully - particularly on the iPad version - allowing you to swish about a look book-like profile with lots of nicely rendered pictures, albums, track lists and even a Mix Tape section where you can listen to hours and hours of songs from the most liked artists on the system.

Naturally, there’s all the social pushes and pulls that this kind of service thrives upon, but it’s the touches like the Airplay support that makes Band of the Day a class act.

Wherever you are, this app is free. So, don’t delay. Download today.

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