There is a very definite format to some games these days. Everything from the level selecton menu and the way the game is structured is very similar. Think the Angry Birds layout, and you've got a lot of games from Where's My Perry to Oh! Sheep down to a tee. That's not to say they aren't fun though, because like Oh! Sheep, they can still be a riot.

The game is a simple enough idea, you have to guide sheep home, and home is outer space, and to get there they have to eat some coins and then stand on a UFO platform and wait to be collected.

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Free, with 69p unlock charge


It might sound mad, but the story is as irrelevant as always with such things. What matters is that each level has a challenge to overcome. These are often things like trapped sheep, that must be allowed out using another sheep to press a floor-mounted button. There are also sometimes lasers, or other things to stop you.

The game is divided in two different countries in which you must complete several levels. There are quite a lot of levels too, 147 per country with more promised in the future. We think you'll have had enough of sheep long before you run out of levels to play.

To get a perfect score, you'll have to collect all the coins on the level - this is easy - as well as complete the level within a certain time limit, and using a minimal number of moves to get your sheep to their end location. These last two are hard, really hard. In fact damn near impossible from our casual perspective. Still, at least there's something to work to.

If we had one criticism of the game, it has to be that on an iPod Touch it's a little too small. On an iPad this would be perfect - or even an iPhone - but the size of the iPod (4th generation) is a little cramped for the high-resolution writing. That's not to say it's not playable though, becuase it is.