A lot of camera apps promise plenty but don't deliver much. The idea behind Manga-Camera is so simple, we really weren't convinced on downloading it that it could be much fun. One look at the app page and the comic style photos it seems to create appear too good to be true.

After having a good play with the app, we realise this just isn't the case. Here is an app that creates the most convincing Manga - or, for those who haven't been to Japan - comic effect pictures we have ever seen. So how does it work?


iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

The app itself is very simple really, in fact annoyingly so and lacking in a couple of features we would like to see in the next update - namely access to your phone's camera roll and its front-facing camera. Other than that, all you need do is open up the app, choose a background from a big selection of Manga-style images and then snap a pic.

app of the day manga camera review ios image 1

Having very little understanding of Japanese, we can't quite know what text is written on each background, but it turns just about anything into an exciting photo. The settings menu will let you adjust image processing dependent on how dark or light a background is. This is important if you want to get the most out of the effect the app achieves.

app of the day manga camera review ios image 2

Some landscape backgrounds would also be nice, as well as the ability to take colour snaps, although we imagine the effect might be ruined. For a free app, this is great fun and yet another way to do something interesting with your iPhone's camera.