It's rare that we'll revisit a piece of software that has been awarded App of the Day status in the past, but just occasionally, there can be so many changes made with an update that it's worth taking a further look.

Algoriddim's djay is one such app. Awarded App of the Day almost a year ago (in December 2011) for the iPad version, it has since undergone a rejig that makes it both easier to use for platter spinners and naturally suited to the brand spanking new iPhone 5. Oh, and it's currently cheaper too...

iPad (version tested), iPhone, iPod touch
£6.99 (normally £13.99), 69p (iPhone/iPod touch)
iTunes (iPad), iTunes (iPhone/iPod touch)

First, it must be said that djay on iPad and iPhone is an amazing tool whether you are serious about the art of disc jockeying or not. There's more than enough fine trickery in there to satisfy enthusiasts and professionals, while amateurs can happily fiddle around with mixing tracks and looping bars to their heart's content.

However, none of this is new, if you read our former review. What is new is great integration with the iTunes store, so you can buy tracks directly from within the apps; there's now support for 4G networks, including the forthcoming one from EE, so you can utilise the greater bandwidth to download and stream tracks; and it will now automatically detect whether it is running on an iPhone 5 in order to make use of the wider screen real estate.

This last feature allows an iPhone 5 user to see more options and modes on the screen while cueing a track. It's always been a criticism that you'd have to jump through several menus to get to specific options. Not so here: the pitch bending, sync button and beats-per-minute display read outs are all present.

The new version also makes use of some of the background jiggery-pokery in iOS 6. There's now support for multi-channel and multi-route audio. You can now pre-cue through headphones while outputting the mix through HDMI or vice versa. This eliminates the need for specific hardware, save for Apple's own HDMI lead, that is.

It also just runs smoother on the latest iPad and iPhone 5, in our opinion, so is well worth checking out.

Even if you only plan to make up a playlist for a wedding or birthday party and use the automatic mix mode, we'd still recommend djay every time.