There have been some great mobile apps that have come out of the simplest single-level games. Take something like Temple Run, for example.

It was derided by many, but it attracted a huge following for a while, with regular postings on Facebook and Twitter as players bragged. Today's App of the Day follows this line, bringing fast-paced, but simple fun action to your mobile.

Ski Safari



Google Play

Ski Safari sees your character, Sven, trying to escape from an avalanche sweeping through the mountains. It's a platform game that sees this skiing action running across the screen constantly.

The aim is to stay ahead of the avalanche, which ends the game, to accrue distance and complete various objectives along the way. It's the objectives that bring the variety as, like Temple Run, the gameplay is basically the same all the way through. 

The controls give you tap to jump and a long hold to perform a backflip. That's it. And that's all you need, because ou'll be constantly skiing downhill, so there's no need for any sort of speed control. 

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But in your path there are all manner of things, some useful, some less so. The real aim of the game is to take advantage of all these to help you stay ahead of the pursuing wall of snow. 

Rocks and ski huts keep you on your toes, but it's the animals that make things really fun. Catch a penguin and you'll be able to zoom down the slope on it's back; catch a yeti and you'll get a speedy ride.

You also get the opportunity to use these animals cleverly. The running yeti is great, but you'll have to get him to run into the rocks and fall on to his belly to get him to slide. Why? Because you can't backflip a running yeti, of course.

Then you have snowmobiles. Get yourself on to a snowmobile and you can power along, but the animals start hitching a ride. Do you have any idea how much a yeti slows down your snow mobile? Take it from us, it's pretty serious.

As you play and rack up the achievements, you'll acquire things such as different starting animals to get you on your way sooner. There are also in-game purchases, for which you can exchange your collected coins to gain an added advantage.

Ski Safari is a great game. It's great fun to play without taking too much concentration or becoming frustrating. Graphically, it looks fantastic and the soundtrack, while not essential to gameplay, is upbeat and happy. 

We'd like to see some sort of social sharing in there, so that once you've hit that high score you can shout about it, and we've found that Ski Safari takes a pretty hefty toll on your battery. Fortunately, we've been playing at home, but we'd worry about playing too much on the move, for fear of draining the battery.

You will have to pay a few pence to get it - 63p, in fact - but this is one game that's worth shelling out for, with plenty of fun to be had.