To be honest, World of Goo is a bit odd.The first time you load it up, it doesn't make huge amounts of sense. And if you don't know what you're doing, it can take a little while to fumble through. But there's also something vaguely unnerving about helping goo get to a pipe.

But once you're up and running, you find a game that's as addictive as all good casual games should be, and once that is beautiful to look at too. World of Goo is, without doubt, one of those games you just "know" you're going to love, even from the time you look at the app preview in the Google Play store.

World of Goo



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The first thing we noticed about World of Goo was how beautiful the design is. The style is very pleasing, and you could happily spend a lot of time just looking at the scenery. Then there's the music, which is fun, without being too repetitive and boring, something games too often fail at.

But most impressive of all is the physics engine, which allows the goo to act as real goo might. Of course, we haven't spent a lot of time messing about with sentient goo, but if we had, we expect it would be a lot like this. Towers have to be well-balanced, and the game feels as if it exists in a real world, rather than one with random or confusing rules.

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And if you're up for a challenge, good news, because Goo gets very tricky very quickly. While the early levels are basic, it doesn't take long before new variables are introduced. In one level, you have to rescue some cave-dwelling goo, and then carry it up to the usual pipe. It's not too hard, but the balancing of the goo tower can be a challenge.

There are also rewards for speed, because you can, to some extent, beat the physics of the game by being quick. There are, for example, levels in which if you build a tower it will end up falling over if you aren't quick. This gives you gameplay options, and should make the experience different for everyone.

Not everything is perfect though, because we found on our phone screen there were times when controlling the small goo blobs was a little tricky. This is certainly a game that would benefit from being played on a large phone, or tablet.

If you're quick, World of Goo is just 25p on the Google Play store, to celebrate the platform's 25 billion app downloads, and at that price, it's a proper bargain.