We do love a good cooking app over at Pocket-lint. Heck, we even invited a Michelin-starred chef into our pantry to put together some food for us. It's a tough job, we know.

Our culinary skills might be top-notch, but recent times have seen quite a few doubt the flavours of our signature spaghetti bolognaise. Time then for an app like Soundbites, which provides you with simple audio dictated cooking instructions for a range of meals.


The app starts with a selection of CD jewel cases, complete with pictures of what you are going to cook on the front of them. Pick a meal and then you will see two separate tabs. First is a list of what you need, along with prep time and how many people it will serve. 

There is a shopping list which you can tick off as you pick things up in the supermarket, which is very handy. It even goes as far as listing everything you will need in the kitchen in terms of utensils. 

The best bit is the audio, which uses the voice of Dave Lamb, who voices Channel 4's Come Dine With Me. He narrates every dish in his usual sarcastic manner, helping out with both prep and cooking. There is a little pop out player on the bottom of the app that you can pause and play with.

Amazingly the application is also free, which given all the features on offer is very impressive. It would be nice to see more dishes, but for something that costs nothing, this is very good. The step-by-step guide is ideal for those learning to cook properly.