The whole point of App of the Day is to find you a game that is brilliant, or an app that helps you in some crucial way. However, we do sometimes worry that our tips are causing a massive decline in the productivity of the UK and beyond. That's because, on days like today, we point you towards games like Refraction.

The concept is simple, you must reflect some light from a source into a receiver. This starts easy, but things start to get more tricky than that, quite quickly.


£1.27 - Google Play or £0.63 - Amazon

Google Play / Amazon

Early on you get to chose between a mirror and a prism. As you probably know, a mirror is good for reflecting light, a prism can split it. Between the two you have some decent ways to start herding light to its destination.

And, as you'd imagine, it starts off pretty easy. Just bang a mirror in, and the light finds its way home. But, of course, things soon begin to get difficult. And it's not long before you've got a couple of separate beams of light to get home. Sometimes you need to combine two different colours into one stream, then separate them again at the other end.

The number of mirrors and prisms can be varied as well. So you could have eight to play with, but there might be fewer. That could make things a little more tricky, too. The developer says that there is more than one way to solve each level, so you might find yourself thinking of a way that none of your friends does. Could turn quite competitive.

The whole thing is not without its frustrations. It might start off easily enough, but things very quickly become much harder. And within just a few levels we had ourselves in a right pickle. Thinking it through is usually fun though, and while the puzzles are hard, they are never impossible. And the instructions and hints are always really clear too. 

Refraction is available on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store for Android. There are two versions, a 20-level introduction which is called "Refractions Lite" and which is free, and the full game which costs £1.27 on Google but just £0.63 on the Amazon store.

There are also in-game purchases for extra levels, which we do think is a bit mean given that this is a paid app, but still, once you're hooked, you're hooked.