Golf fans rejoice, it's almost Ryder Cup time, and that gives Pocket-lint the ideal opportunity to review a suitable game for App of the day.

However, we could't find any, so we decided to look to the top of the iTunes charts to see what application was tickling the underbelly of the masses, and blow us down with a feather if it wasn't a golf game after all.

Of sorts...


iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation)

Some apps look good, some apps play good, some apps do both. Wonderputt is the complete package. With brilliant art directions and looks as well as Angry Birds levels of addiction, it is definitely an app we are fans off.

It does have it faults, namely that it's fairly short and if you aren't one for replaying things, then you could easily get bored. But in reality at 69p who's going to complain? 

The app works fairly simply. For those who have played games like Fez, or ever looked at a drawing by Escher, you will get the picture. The game is essentially crazy golf, but viewed from afar. By crazy we mean no Tiger Woods, more aliens and cows. 

app of the day wonderputt review ipad  image 15

The rest is very simple. Drag your finger back to putt and then hope for the best. At first it seems overly simplistic, but once you realise what's required to get the high scores, then skill comes into it. 

Wonderputt started out as an online browser game, which had the whole Pocket-lint team super addicted. Seeing it translated to tablets is a nice twist. We should also point at that while it might seem short, once you've finished all 18 holes, there's a fill the rainbow mode that adds collectable items to the course, in order to build a lovely rainbow... aaah.

app of the day wonderputt review ipad  image 9

Definitely an app that will pass ten minutes on the Tube, but with enough skill depth to make play interesting in the long run.