Nothing beats a good platformer and as smartphones continue to eat into territory once dominated by handheld gaming devices, we're seeing plenty of innovation.

Some may recoil from the idea of paying for an app, but it's becoming clear that some of the best produced games are worth paying for. We're talking pence here, not even pounds, but it's worth putting your hand in your pocket for the latest from Mediocre, the team that brought us Sprinkle.

Granny Smith

Google Play

Granny Smith is a platforming game that sees you (initially) playing as said Granny, chasing the thief who wants to steal the apples.

Okay, it's a little more exciting than that, as you're a rollerskate-wearing Granny, racing through levels collecting coins and apples Sonic style.

There are only two real controls. The first is jump, the second is to hook with your walking stick. You'll need to be quick with both to make it through the levels, as Granny Smith doesn't offer you an easy path.

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Mistime a jump and Granny will be face down in the bottom of a rocky pit, or knocking over a pig. In some cases this leads to having to restart a level; sometimes you're just left trying to catch that thief and missing out on all those apples. 

The walking stick is used to hook on to things such as wires to slide down, James Bond-style. This isn't an option: at times this is the only way through a section of a level. There are also swings and jumps, so you'll have to be quick to release and re-hook when there's a gap. 

Each level is scored with points awarded for collecting coins – and in the style of Mario or Sonic, timing will get you to more coins, as well as getting those three apples, which are a little like stars on Angry Birds. 

As such there is some replay value. You can fluff a level entirely and still progress, but once you start seeing those levels where you failed to get the apples, you'll be back trying to bag them all.

The levels are short: short enough to fail a couple of times TO get an idea of the timing and then get through with a clean sweep.

The app is well put together and the production values are high. The retro black and white replay of levels brings some fun and the graphics are really impressive, especially as things are racing past at speed.

Great fun, easy to dip in and out of, Granny Smith brings plenty of laughs in a neatly put together package. It's optimised for Tegra 3 too, so if your device runs on Nvidia hardware, you'll get more detail out of this game.

Well worth paying the 83p for.