You can play the Best iPhone games until you’re blue in the face, numb in the fingers and seeing stars with all that screen face. Today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is something rather more cultured, civilized and, well, just a bit more life affirming really. Sit back and read some poetry, or, better still, have the poetry read to you.

The Poetry App

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Poetry is the highest form of language, according to the late Josephine Hart who herself championed the importance of poetry in England. Both of Hart’s collections of poetry were sent free to all of the secondary schools in the country, and now The Josephine Hart Foundation has made The Poetry App to spread more verse even more widely than before.

The app itself should be a fairly straightforward affair. In practice, the interface and delivery idea is a little over-thought but that’s really besides the point. The point is that any user on Android or iOS gets more than 115 poems from 16 poets to explore. There are text versions but, what might be more interesting are that all of the works are accompanied by either audio, video or both of famous people reciting them. They include Dominic West, Charles Dance, Emilia Fox, Jeremy Irons and many more. And, trust us, you haven’t heard Rudyard Kipling until you’ve listened to Roger Moore explain that the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

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As we say, the fireside and cosmos-themed menus with hot air balloons is a little bit much but the content of this app is great. It makes an excellent listen or read on the way to work and fills you with a wonderful sense of wholesome creativity. Give it a shot.

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