The Simpsons have traditionally fallen into that ether between really great or really bad. Tapped Out however is a bit of a rarity, in that its absolutely brilliant. Think of it like a very simplified version of SimCity, but with all the wit and charm of the cartoon. Best part? It's free.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch



The application dumps you into the middle of Springfield following a nuclear disaster, helped in part by Homer. Your task is to rebuild things as well as get hold of all the missing Simpsons characters. You do the latter by essentially performing tasks and completing missions.

On top of this you can connect with other players and friends and visit their attempts at rebuilding Springfield. This is a really awesome addition. The whole game revolves around donuts, which you use to speed up the time it takes to make a building. Most are around four hours, although some can be a lot longer. Donuts are few and far between and can also be used to buy things like mystery boxes, which will randomly grant you rewards.

Another real show stealer for the Simpsons app is its Retina Display graphics. Particularly on the iPhone, the characters look incredibly sharp and smooth and the whole game runs very quickly. A few hours' play and you can build quite an impressive looking Springfield, spend a week with it though and you will have a huge living and breathing city. Amazing giving this app costs nothing.

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