Twitter apps are ten-a-penny, but most of them are pretty unimpressive. This becomes even more true when it comes to using them on a tablet. Even the official Twitter app still looks like a dog's dinner on Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean tablets. There are almost no apps that take advantage of the larger screen size of bigger devices.

So TweetCaster does offer something useful. The question, of course, is if Twitter, with it's absurd new rules, will actually allow the company to carry on making the app once it changes what third parties can, and can't, do via the API. But that's not for now, instead, let's look at what makes TweetCaster so good.


Android (phone and tablet)

Free or £3.11 to remove ads

Google Play

As we've already said, the strength of this app is that it adapts to the device you're using. On a tablet, you get a great landscape view, that allows you to see much more on screen at once. In portrait mode, you still get more than you would on a phone, but the orientation means it looks a bit more like a traditional application.

We also like that you can search based on media. So any photos or videos your friends have tweeted are easily findable by pressing the relevant button. You can have multiple Twitter accounts, and even Facebook so you can cross-post in a way that is annoying to everyone who has you on both social networks.

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There's also, perhaps the best idea ever. Namely "Zip it" which allows you to silence annoying hashtags and even people from your feed. You don't have to stop following anyone, but while they're banging on about X Factor or Footballs you can simply mute them. This will save friendships, and possibly even lives.

For the Instagram generation, there are even photo filters - you know, if you want to wreck all your images with sepia and Seventies colour tones. We don't see the point, but the kids love it.

There's also a comprehensive search, which makes it easier to find things in people's timelines, but also in mentions and favourites too. It makes for a pretty powerful way of finding that really funny tweet you once read...

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If you don't like the banner ads - and we did find them a little intrusive - then you have the option to upgrade for £3.11. The good news is, the free version has all the same functionality as the pro version, so you're simply upgrading to get rid of the ads. We approve, and £3.11 is a bargain for this app, which has quickly become our favourite.

There are also versions of TweetCaster for iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.