There are a lot of GPS apps out there, just about every single one of which will get you from A to B. The difference between them really is just how easily they do it. TomTom has a bit of a monopoly in this area, and rightly so: it makes a brilliant smartphone app.

We wanted to give something else a go, so enter Wisepilot GPS, which promises search, turn-by-turn directions and things such as live traffic and speed camera alerts. How does it square up?

Wisepilot GPS

iPhone/Android (version tested)
Free (with subs)
Google Play/iTunes

Wisepilot uses the top-notch Navteq maps to make sure you get to your destination easily. It goes one further, however, adding logical touches such as lane warnings as you approach a turning, so your car is absolutely in the right place.

Another cool feature Wisepilot is a junction view, which helps you to pull on or off of the motorway. You also get speed camera warnings and traffic alerts as we mentioned earlier. Its 2D and 3D mapping is very impressive, although it doesn't rival what Apple plans with iOS 6. A foreign data restricted mode is useful, as is the ability to save parts of the map locally to your phone.

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The app goes even further, to include live weather reports for wherever you are in the world. All this functionality would be a problem if you didn't have a well laid-out app to play with. Wisepilot however is good to look at and easy to use. It is also subscription based.

After download you get 30 days' free usage of all the premium features. These can then be purchased in app afterwards. Things such as weather reports and address search will remain free, but the proper navigation will disappear.

You can then either pay £25 for lifetime membership to the service or pay monthly for £5.49. We would go for the lifetime set-up as it undercuts apps like TomTom but still offers full European navigation.

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