Strategy games on the iPad tend to be fairly disappointing. You would think all that extra screen space makes for a really good strategy experience. It is usually the controls that let the apps down.

With Cubemen this is definitely not the case. It's a game that looks and controls great, while offering an addictive enough experience for you to keep coming back for more. This could be the best strategy game on the app store right now.


Think of Cubemen a bit like a tower defence game, except with cubes. Everything is square and has a sort of 8-bit style to it which we really like. You need to defend your blue cube from waves of red Cubemen spawning from red cubes.

The levels within the game are like chess boards and consist of, you guessed it, cubes. Each cube can take one character, of which there are eight different types. The most basic Cubemen simply shoot single bullets. Each time they destroy an enemy, you get points to spend on better Cubemen. These can range from mortar firing back markers to medics and rocket-launcher-toting maniacs.

It all balances out really well and gives you just enough challenge to keep on coming back for more. The graphics are also awesome, and the ability to pan and zoom across each level is even better. From a distance the Cubemen look like simple blocks, but up close they are very detailed. In fact the only real fault we have with Cubemen is its music, which is insanely annoying.  For £1.99 we can't think of a much more fun strategy game.

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