The London 2012 Olympic Games have been fantastic. So many nations competing for glory; athletes assembled, ready to pit themselves in front of adoring fans, looking to get themselves on the podium.

And then we have the medal ceremony, the wiping of tears, a small bunch of flowers presented by some dignitary and then a flag hoisted aloft for the typical mumbling of a national anthem.

But what flag was that? Where is this victorious athlete from? If you can't point out Africa on a map of the World, then you might want to look elsewhere. But if you're that person who knows Ireland from Ivory Coast, then this is one for you.


FlagsQuizGame might have an awkward compound name, but we're fans of this type of game. The premise is the same as Logos Quiz Game or Font Quiz, both of which we've reviewed previously. 

Yes, in terms of originality, there's not to much to say. The mechanics of the game are the same as that of Logos Quiz, and like that game, you have to use its irritating and rather unresponsive keyboard.

This is about the only negative to the game, as you are scored on accuracy and when the keyboard doesn't perform as well as the native keyboard, you can't help feeling that you're being conned slightly.

However, that doesn't stand in the way of what is essentially a fun little game. Naturally, some knowledge of the world around you is necessary and naming a healthy selection of flags shouldn't pose too much of a problem to anyone properly schooled. 


However, even for those who think they have a healthy knowledge of national flags, it doesn't take long to come a cropper. It's fiendishly difficult to pick out some of those flags and even from the start, you'll probably find some puzzlers in there. 

But here's the real beauty of FlagsQuizGame. Even if you cheat and start looking up the answers, it's still a worthwhile venture, because you're researching and learning. It's addictive, too, because you think it should be simple; frustrating because you probably recognise more than you can accurately recall.

The Olympic Games is a great prompt for this type of game. Who, now, will mistake the flag of Jamaica having seen Bolt and Blake take medals in the 100m?

So, topical, addicitive and to some degree educational, if you want to fill a few moments of the (rainy) summer broadening your horizons, then FlagsQuizGame might be just the ticket, stupid compound name or not.