Let's be honest, Logos Quiz is a fantastic game: accessible and surprisingly addictive. It's very simple too, which perhaps accounts for its success.

Simplicity isn't a bad thing and neither is being short enough to skip through and complete in a day, if you get that sparkle of entertainment that separates a good game from something that's really good.

It's not that different and it won't last you long, but today's App of the Day is something that will give you a quick fix.

Font Quiz




Font Quiz, unsurprisingly, is a game about fonts. But don't despair, this isn't a cruel joke put out there by typographers; you don't need to know your Helvetica from your Calibri.

Font Quiz, like Logos Quiz Game, draws on fonts, or lettering, from brands you'll recognise. Like logos, there's that dawning moment that the lettering you slap on your product is more than just a name, it's an identity.

Marketing Managers the world over will probably march into boardrooms brandishing the extracted evidence of the importance of brand identity. Just look at the D of Disney or the g in Google. We'd defy anyone to not recognise those global brands.

But this is a game, not a lecture on corporate branding. There's plenty of fun to be had too, because despite all the efforts of the suited or creative masses in trying to stand out as an individual, some of the fonts are tricky.

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app of the day font quiz review iphone  image 3

The game is divided into five sections: brands, movies, games, television and bands. Brands, essentially, is easy. But the others are more difficult as you have less exposure to them from advertising and so on.

Of course you can cheat and there is an in-built hint option, which unlike Logos Quiz, is free and has no impact on how well you do. There is also a tweet option, so you can ask your Twitter followers for assistance - a nice way of marketing the game virally as well.

Font Quiz is free, but it is advertising supported, so you'll find banner ads across the bottom. They aren't too invasive, however.

Font Quiz isn't as much fun as Logos Quiz, but it's similar in many ways. You might find it only takes you an hour or so to whiz through, but it's still a fun time filler.