We're about to ruin your life, so sorry about that. Don't worry though, we're not going to seduce your other half, or kick your cat. No, we're going to tell you to download BraveSmart. And at that point, your life - as you know it - will be over, and you'll become a shell of a human, swiping over and over to connect three things together to make one.

For us, it started so innocently. We were having a nice chat, and someone said, "BraveSmart has runined my life". And that was it, we were typing the name into the Google Play Store. Seconds later, we were hooked.

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The idea, like all good games, is pretty simple. You have to connect three items in adjacent hexagons. To begin, these items all come from one man, a flame-haired Scot with a passion for wood and wooden structures. He drops planks of wood, you connect three sets of them, and you get a small house. Connect three houses, and you get a bigger house and so on.

Later on, things start to get more complicated. Other Scottish men with different coloured beards appear. One likes stone, as much as the redhead likes wood and the other seems to be keen on something else, iron perhaps, it's not so clear. Anyway, they all leave piles of these things around, and you have to make them in to bigger things. Generally, the goal is to make a number of bigger houses. That number starts small, so at first you have to make one big house, then it's two, then later six, then your head will explode.

And that's before we've mentioned the sheep.

The sheep are really annoying. It's their job to get in the way, and generally make collecting things a lot harder. You can't move them, although if three line up, you can herd them in to one hexagon. If you get three flocks, then you can sell them for money.

And they money bit is important, because you'll need it to buy three special items. The first allows you to undo your last move. Very handy. The second rids a hexagon of anything in it - apart from the damn sheep - which comes in handy when you're struggling to complete a level. The final item - a hammer - allows you to turn anything - apart from the damn sheep - into a universal resource. That is, one you can combine with any other two things, to make a small house. It's very handy.

Playing the game earns you currency, which allows you to buy these things. Or you can cough up real money. Prices aren't outrageous either, but we didn't find it necessary. And you should be able to solve the puzzles without these - it's just quite a bit harder.

So, that's it in a nutshell. BraveSmart is, without doubt, one of the most addictive and enjoyable games we've ever played. It retains that charm right up until the point you can't progress any further, then it becomes the most annoying game we've ever played. We heartily recommend it.