The Olympic Games may be on but, before you get too tempted to order your sixth takeaway in a row, we’ve got a little taster for you at Pocket-lint on App of the Day.


Another six months, another release of a Great British Chefs recipe compilation for the iPad and iPhone. Were it any other app, we’d probably be complaining about it but, well, with GBC, it’s just hard to say no. Besides, our guests are beginning to give us strange looks when we serve up festive quails with chestnut stuffing.

So, this time around it’s the turn of the fairer season with Great British Chefs - Summertime. As per expected usual, the app hooks in a host of Michelin starred chefs (this time 21) and gets them to tell us how to make a whole meal comprising of three or so dishes, and all top quality, naturally.

Just so you don’t muck up the instructions, it’s all broken down fairly simply including voice commands, places where you can make your own notes and even a shopping list where you can add what you need straight to the Ocado food delivery service. On top of that, you also get links to profiles on each chef, what their restaurants look like and where you can find them.

As ever, it’s a really well put together app which is well worth the download to iPad if you can stomach the fee. There’s top-notch photography, delicious food and very smooth navigation. What’s more, a minimum of £1.20 per app sale goes to charity. Not a bad package for 105 recipes with which to wow your dinner guests.

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