It's here, and love it or hate it, you can't avoid the Olympics now. Nor will you be able to for the next six weeks. But if you are interested, and there are plenty who are, then you'll probably be keen to stay up to date with the results.

So enter the London 2012 Results app, which is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry for free. Our review is based on the Android version, and we haven't spent any time with it on the other platforms.

London 2012 "results"

BlackBerry, iOS and Android


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It has to be said, first up, that the Results app isn't as much fun as the Get Involved app. This little program serves one purpose only, and that's to give you the results to every single sporting event happening at the Olympics and Paralympics. No matter what the sport, you'll find it all here, and what's more, you'll find it without having to hunt around too much.

Likely to be of most interest is the "Live" option. Here, you'll be able to see scores and rankings in any sport that's currently being played. This is good if you're nowhere near a TV and are desperate to know how team GB is doing - or your other choice of team! You'll also find that there's a live feed from the social media output of the games here too, as well as images from events. This is by far our favourite part of the app.

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You can also see a full schedule of events, along with their results there's a list of sports too, so if you're a beach volleyball nut, you don't need to waste your time looking at the basketball happenings.

For those keen on specific athletes, you can keep tabs on them too. There's biographical data here, past wins, and current performance. We like this, because obviously there are lots and lots of athletes competing, and it's great to have access to them all. We do somewhat wish the images were a little larger, as the data is quite dry and there isn't much life in this section, although there no doubt could be, as athletes usually have something interesting to say.

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And there's the My Games area too. Here you can get info about your team, the default is, as you might expect, Great Britain, but the first time you load the app you are asked who you want to track. Then, in here, you get news about your team's performance reminders about events and the opportunity to buy some Olympic-branded tat.

It might not be the most exciting app ever, but for providing results of sports over the Olympics and Paralympics, it's really bang on the money!