With a lot going on at the moment about traffic and travel and the best ways to get around town while avoiding this and that, we thought we’d better help out those on an oft-forgotten platform on App of the Day today. So, BlackBerry owners, this one’s for you.

Telmap Navigator

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There are a lot of navigation app choices out there for smartphones but when one as good as Telmap Navigator turns up for free, it’s worth paying attention. Like a regular satnav, the BlackBerry app has all the way points, POIs, social link-ups (including BBM) and all the other trinkets one would expect of modern day software in this field.

Start it up and you get an app tray-style presentation of just about everything it can do with a lot of familiar faces in the shape of Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter and even a Barclays Cycle locator within the Transport section; the last of which, frankly, is worth the download alone. Along with that lot, you also get listings for food, drinks, pubs, coffee shops, fuel, parking, picnic areas, shops and even emergency services - anything you could need, really.

So, what about the navigation itself? Well, it’s pretty good. It was a touch sticky when we tried it out but we’re willing to put that down to the low-level BlackBerry handset we tested it on.

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At the top of the home page is a simple search field which asks you "Where to?". You can enter postcodes or street addresses and, because this is a UK-centric app, it does a good job of coming up with what you’re after first time. The double bonus is that the listings are more relevant as well.

What’s quite nice data-wise is that, it doesn’t take much at all. It relies on GPS when out and about - both good and bad, but that’s GPS for you - because when you make your initial search is the time that Telmap Navigator downloads the maps that it requires for the route. The app should be able to get hold of some more once on the road, if needed, but we could get it to do so only over Wi-Fi, which is a bit of a possible flaw if you go too far in the wrong direction.

As for the maps themselves, they’re as clear as you need and come with both pedestrian or driving directions as needed. There’s also voice navigation accompaniment too.

As we say, all in all, Telmap Navigator is a tough one to ignore if you’re on the BlackBerry platform. And if you don’t like it, well, it didn’t cost you anything, now did it?