The long-held flame by the Android-loving public is that it's Google's mobile OS that offers the most in the way of customisation. You can make it your own. So, if you're not taking advantage of that, then it seems you're missing the point. As ever, Pocket-lint is here to help you by putting right what once went wrong. Try out today's App of the Day and get back on Android track.




Google Play

If you thought that ringtones were a thing of the Nineties, then Ringdroid is the Android app that drags them kicking and screaming into the modern era. Rather than one of those junk apps that promises access to thousands of amusing, semi-amusing and not amusing at all polyphonic classics, Ringdroid has absolutely no catalogue of its own whatsoever. In fact, the only catalogue it offers is the one you have already.

The app scans your handset in an instant and allows you to convert any of the MP3s or other local audio files into usable ringtones and even lets you pick and choose exactly which sections of the tracks you'd like to assign by means of a handy little wave form editor where you can top and tail to your heart's delight. And if you've no songs that you'd like to use, then you can just record something of your own instead.

Once satisfied, hit save and you'll be asked if you'd like your new sound file to be set as a ringtone, an alarm or a notification and then whether you want it to be specific to one of your contacts or the default. And that's it. Simple, effective, very smooth and fun.

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