The new iPad and iPhone 4S have quite a little powerhouse tucked away behind their slick glass fronts. Games like Infinity Blade II have us convinced that they can run just about anything. Dead Trigger more than adds to that belief, with incredible looks for a mobile game.

Looks aren't everything though, it also plays great as well. You get a fully fledged FPS to chomp through, albeit one that you have to control with your touchscreen. So how does it handle? And is it worth the measly 69p asking price. 

Dead Trigger

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So how does Dead Trigger work? Basically you are stuck in a city full of a tonne of zombies and you need to blow each of their heads off. Simple enough really. The fun comes in how the head blowing-off process is implemented. 

Dead Trigger gives you a big map of the city, with either a main quest or other side quests. Pretty much everything you do earns you loot. Things like guns and health packs which can be used to help out in your ongoing battle against the zombies.

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The actual shooting is very straightforward. Basically aim for the head to get rid of a zombie in one go, or fill their bodies with plentiful rounds. Careful though because you will either run out of ammo or get overwhelmed by baddies if you do the latter.

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Some missions involve survival, others involve getting to an object or protecting a certain area for a period of time. It's all very close to what Call of Duty Zombies has to offer and is put together just as well. There is also an in-app purchasing option which lets you grab shortcuts through difficult bits of the game. You don't need to use any of it in reality, though. In the end, it's a great looking game at great value and one to definitely show off your top spec Android phone, tablet or Apple device. 

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