Ninja this, Ninja that. It seems that if your game doesn't feature a Ninja of some kind, you might as well not bother releasing it. It's like TV shows without zombies or vampires: pointless

So enter Fishing Ninja. That's right, a Ninja has been shoehorned into a boat and he's looking forward to catching some fish, then Ninjaing them into little chunks with his Ninja mad skills.

Ninja Fishing



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The game itself is quite simple. In the first part, you drop your fishing line into the sea. The hook then sails past all manner of exciting marine life and you need to get it as deep as possible, without touching a fish. This is to lead you on to the next part of the game. In this phase, you control the fishing line by tilting the phone. It's fun, but also frustrating. 

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Here, once you've got as deep as you can and hooked a fish, then you need to catch as many as possible on the way up again. The more you catch, the more you'll have for the final part of the game, which is the Ninja bit. And it's simple, as with Fruit Ninja, you simply have to cut the fish in two, while avoiding TNT.

Yes, that's right, inexplicable TNT is floating around, just waiting to lure you in to cutting IT in half, instead of those tasty looking fish. If you do this, I'm afraid it's game over because the TNT will explode, and kill your Ninja. Which seems a bit slack given how skillful and stealthy Ninjas are supposed to be.

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The more fish you cut, the more gold you get, and the more gold you get, the more stuff you can "buy" in the store. It's all daft as a bucket of frogs, but it's really good fun. These sort of games are some of our favourite, because you can play them anywhere, and they mean you are never bored, and never without entertainment.