Given the rather brilliant summer we are havisg at the moment, waiting for the bus can be a fairly wet experience. But there's a fix for those summer rainstorm soggy shoes in the form of Buscount Live, which will ensure you never wait for a bus again (in theory at least).

Designed to work out every bus stop nearby and give you arrival times as well as stops and directions, it is one of the most useful apps available for Londoners. So how does it work?

Google Play

Fire up the app and you are greeted with a pretty simple set of options. You can either find stops around you or search for a specific bus stop should you not be able to find the one you are after. There is also the ability to store a favourites list of bus stops in the my stops tab at the top of the app.

Once you have the relevant location found, the application will then fetch a set of live countdowns from TFL. In practice most are incredibly accurate, with a due bus turning up within about 30 seconds of the app announcing it.

The application will also list stops the bus will be taking along the route, which is particularly useful if you are trying to work out a route across London. The application does require that you switch on GPS in order to get a proper fix on your location and show the relevant bus stops. It will work over 3G but we found it wasn't hugely accurate.

That is pretty much all there is to Buscount Live. As free apps go it is incredibly useful and when paired up with things like Oyster Master, which lists how much money you have on your Oyster Card, can turn you into a bit of a super traveller around London. A definite download for those in the capital and one which could prove very useful given the impending chaos of the Olympics.

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