When it comes to mobile games, we're big believers that simple is best. Simple concept, simple execution. But being a "believer" might not be the best thing for Open Sea!, our choice for today, as you might find yourself wondering if the holy book has been interpreted rather loosely.



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Open Sea! sees you leading your followers across, wait for it, the sea, parting the waters for the devoted to scurry to safety. We won't speculate on the inspiration for this idea, lest to say that the leader has a white beard and is wearing a robe.  

As you make your exodus (sorry), you have to ensure you get enough of your followers across the water unscathed. The water will part with a swipe of your finger and all the chaps and chapesses will scurry over.

However, nothing is ever simple. Being a tolerant and forgiving prophet, you're duty bound to save those who may have strayed from the path. You'll encounter drunks, who can't run in a straight line and the slothful, who can't help parking their rotund shelves down for a quick sleep en route. 

The picture wouldn't be complete without the elders, hobbling along, and the panicked, tearing about the place.


The missing element, of course, is mummies. What Egypt-inspired passage would be complete without the embalmed dead chasing you?

So you have to tend your flock, lead them to safety and get enough across to progress to the next level. Along the way through the levels you'll unlock new skills, starting with things like lightning bolts to speed up the elders or give the mummies a shock. 

And of course the water doesn't just part, it moves. As the devout flee for their lives, they'll run straight into the water, unless you move it.

Open Sea! then, becomes a game where you have to react quickly at times. You might have to drown someone a little to save another, you might have to shift one part of the sea one way, another another way. The right timing of a lightning bolt to expedite people becomes important, or you'll lose them to the mummies.

And then we have Jess. When Jess appears on the scene, you'll want to save him. On reaching the opposite bank, for a short time all your followers will be able to walk on water. Good ol' Jess, up to his old tricks. A host of other biblical celebrities also make an appearance.

Open Sea! is a fun and well-put-together mobile game. It doesn't stray too far off the beaten track, but the animation looks good and there is enough variety to keep things moving along.

Some might question the 99p asking price, but the absence of adverts and the nice clean design make it a price worth paying.

The last word, we feel, should go to the developer's fun disclaimer "Fun disclaimer: Open Sea! is an original creation from indie studio The Pixelizers. Any similarity to actual religious prophets like Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Eli, or to Bible events and legends known as Adam and Eve, Noah, the Exodus or the crossing of the Red Sea, is purely coincidental... or quite."

Make of that what you will.