Security software isn’t the sexiest area to think about, but then neither is getting rinsed for all you're worth by a malicious app that you’ve mistakenly downloaded. While that may not be a problem on iOS, it’s starting to become something worth considering on Android. With that in mind, it’s very hard to sniff at an app offering protection and back up for free.



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Lookout mobile security is great from the off. Not only is it free but it’s also quite pleasant to look at. Start up the app and within a couple of clicks, and a very simple registration process, Lookout will begin a security scan of your apps checking for spyware and malware. From then on, the software has got your back. It checks out each of your new downloads to make sure they’re not accessing areas that they shouldn’t, such as your contacs, SMS, browsing history or payment and account details.

Beyond that, the basic version of Lookout will back up your contacts and your data on the company servers and allow you to restore them should you need to switch to a new phone or tablet. If you want the same to be true for your photos, videos and call history, then you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version which also includes safe browsing, privacy advising and a remote lock and wipe feature too.

The last part of Lookout - that also happens to be available in the basic version - is that it will geo-locate your phone for you. So if you lose your device, or have it stolen, you can work out where it is. With everything running in the background and barely a bother since we downloaded it, it’s very hard not to give Lookout full marks. So we will. Full marks.

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