While your iPad is an excellent source of entertainment for you, don’t forget that it is not always you that needs to be entertained...

But enough of the Confucious nonsense, here’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint.

Little Fox Music Box

iPad and iPhone
Free (for now...)

Get it while it’s hot (but more importantly while it’s free). The Little Fox Music Box iPad and iPhone app is as well put together as its name is neat. What you’re looking at is an animated, sing-a-long-type, kid-occupier of an application with some marvellous interactive pictorials to tie it all together.

The free version (only free for a week) comes with a choice of, sadly, just three songs and each has its own scene full of animals and easter eggs which you can activate by touch. In fact, there’s at least 20 things you can do on all of them if you’ve had enough of either just listening to or singing along with the music. On top of that, you get a sort of GarageBand-type experience with the Fox Studio where you can start some backing beats and add a few samples in for your own amusement.

So, is there anything wrong with Little Fox Music Box? Well, not much. Like we say, there’s only three songs at the moment, so the novelty is limited. That said, doubtless, more will be added once payment kicks in. How much that’s going to be, we don’t know right now.

The only other issue is that two out of three of the songs are sung by children and that doesn’t always make for the nicest melodies. You also slightly feel like you’re being got at a little; like you’re having treacle poured over you. Nonetheless, there’s simply no reason not to download this app right away. The animation is cracking and it’s some guaranteed entertainment for anyone over the age of 18 months or so.

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