Already making waves with our French chums is app Lekiosk. Designed like Newsstand on iOS, the app is basically like a 3D digital newspaper shop, letting you pick up content from plentiful publishers. The difference between Apple's offering? It is a bit like Spotify in that you can subscribe to ten different titles for €10.

This makes it quite a tempting package for the major reading fan. But how does it handle and is the deal too good to be true?


iPad (version tested), iPhone, iPod touch

From the outset you need to sign up to to use the app. You can opt out and just browse what's on offer instead but any purchases made will require you to join up to lekiosk. In terms of selection, there is lots of leading titles from things like Conde Nast and Denis publishing. 

Opting for the £10 a month 10-mag plan from what we could see granted us access to most decent things, although not everything . Otherwise you could pick up a lot of titles for £2.99 and upwards. It's definitely a tempting offer and we doubt many will manage to max out the ten titles available to you each month. A preview option also means you don't have to waste once of your read credits on something you might not actually want.

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The actual reader itself is not as slick as iBooks or Newstand, but it's decent enough for you to enjoy the content. This is basically just a carbon copy of the magazines themselves, no clever animations or interesting design approach. 

It is also not hugely easy to navigate, being slightly confusing with a 3D animated newsstand. This is cool at first, but then you realise it just makes it harder to locate the mag you want. Thankfully, there's a list view.

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Ultimately this is a brilliant app if you are after the titles included in the £10 a month subscription. There is plenty to play with there and you could make a serious saving if you buy a lot of magazines. Our advice is to download and then explore what is on offer, see if things take your fancy and then maybe subscribe. Otherwise if you are just after a one-off magazine purchase, Apple's offering is better. 

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