It has been raining a lot recently which can only mean one thing: yes, it's time for The Championships at Wimbledon to get under way. Starting today, 25 June 2012, the Championships are in their 126th year.

It's also this time of year when work in the office gradually grinds to a halt in the afternoon, as people switch over to watching a live stream of the tennis on the internet, especially when Andy Murray steps on to court. Of course, that's frowned upon in some circles, so where better to turn than to your Android smartphone?Fittingly, today we're looking at Wimbledon's own app.




Google Play

There are many ways to follow the tennis at the All England Club and if you're lucky enough to be sitting in a Wi-Fi zone, and you're in the UK, then you can always watch live via the BBC iPlayer app if video is what you're really after.

We only mention this because the official Wimbledon app isn't about TV, it's about everything else. If live coverage is what you want, then the app gives you easy access to Radio Wimbledon, with a choice to tune into to matches on the show courts - Centre Court or No1 Court - as well as a general programme to keep you updated with action across the courts.

This function is great, because once the radio is up and playing, you can continue to do other things on your phone, such as browse other areas of the app, read emails or whatever. 

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app of the day wimbledon review android  image 3

The app will give you access to important things like the schedules, so you can quickly see who is playing on which court and at what time. You can also get to results, with access to match stats, but we suspect the live scores will be most popular feature.

Here you can keep a sneaky eye on the action and the scores will update as the action unfolds on court. You can select which courts you want visible, but only the show courts or all courts. We suspect most will be interested in the big seeded players on the major courts.

You can read player profiles and general news, as well as get access to a mapping function, which will be more use to anyone actually in SW19, rather than in their office. This will highlight things like toilets or first aid points to get you swiftly to where you want to be.

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Finally you have a multimedia section which contains a number of videos, with interviews with various stars, which will fill a minute or two, with the likes of Mario Sharapova or Boris Becker talking about Wimbledon and so on. You can also access a range of photos.

Overall there is plenty to get your teeth into, bringing you all things Wimbledon - except the live TV coverage - right into your phone. We think most people will be after the live scoreboard or Radio Wimbledon, but as we said, if you're a tennis fan, the you'll want BBC iPlayer for live TV coverage on your phone too.

The official Wimbledon app is free and available on Google Play.