There are a few apps which are so great that we have been coming back to them daily for months. Tiny Tower was one of those apps. Insanely addictive and more fun than untying Usain Bolt’s shoelaces, it has remained an iPhone favourite for some time.

No surprise then that when developer NimbleBit announced it was making another app, we were poised at the ready to download it. It has arrived and it’s even better than we could have imagined. Welcome to the crazy addictive world of Pocket Planes.

Pocket Planes

iPad (version tested), iPhone, iPod touch

So what is Pocket Planes? In its most basic form, it is an app all about aircraft management. You load people and cargo on to varying sized aircraft and fly them all over the world. There is, however, a lot more depth to it than that.

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Once you have started flying a few people about, you are going to hit a point where customer demand outweighs the number of aircraft you have. Then it’s time to expand. Buying access to new airports rewards you with aircraft parts, the end result being a new plane to carry more passengers. You can however use “Bux” to quickly pick up new planes but these “Bux”  are very hard to come by and can be only achieved by completing specific delivery tasks.

As your aircraft repertoire grows, so too will the network of flights you can carry out. Don’t forget however that each of these takes time. So you will often find yourself waiting for planes to land. Thankfully this has been built into iOS’s notifications system, so you don’t need to keep checking the app.

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Pocket Planes is a free app and comes with the option to download in-game “Bux” in exchange for real cash. With Tiny Tower this was pretty much necessary as the app moved so slowly. This time round things are different. You can play Pocket Planes without spending a penny. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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